Who is pattie boyd dating

1973 - 1973Ronnie Wood and Pattie Boyd had a brief affair in 1973 while she was married to George Harrison and he was married to Krissy Wood.They vacationed together in the Bahamas and were caught by the press as they returned to London.Boyd met Weston in 1986 in Sri Lanka while on vacation with friends; things got romantic in 1994, added the .After two tumultuous relationships, it seemed she was ready for something more stable, touting her beau as a “wicked bridge player” with a “great sense of humor,” and apparently more of a gentleman than Pattie’s exes.

She tells us that George asked her to go out to dinner that night after filming, but declined because she was dating another guy.Much to the amusement of biographers, she is said to have been far from the average groupie, not originally professing to be a Beatles fan and claiming her favourite record was My Boy Lollipop.The couple eventually moved into a new home in Friar Park near Henley, restoring it while subscribing to the merits of Maharishi chanting.She recalled her scene in the movie, saying that she was embarrassed about the part.“I’m in the scene, I was playing the part of a schoolgirl, which was kind of thrilling, but also embarrassing,” she said.

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