Who dating colin farrell

He’d disappear, then text, disappear, and then text again.

"I have two boys that I'm so happy with and I adore." Next up for the busy dad is starring as a “compromised detective” in season two of “True Detective,” returning June 21 on HBO.

Asked about the worst date he’d ever been on when he sat down with uk to talk about his new film The Lobster, the 39-year-old star didn’t hold back about how he felt about the whole concept of dating.

‘It seems like a very American concept that I can’t quite grasp the structure of… I can’t say I’ve been on bad dates, really, or on any.’ Farrell has been single for four years but claims he hasn’t resorted to Tinder.

, this parallel universe has residents with a limited amount of time to find a partner.

If they don't meet the deadline, they're transformed into animals. When Colin Farrell arrives to the hotel where this diabolical meet-up unfolds, he's already decided on the titular crustacean. The speed-dating gauntlet is not as grim as it sounds.

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