Updating msn messenger live messenger

Its better to install Skype now and get used to the new software.

After March 15, 2013, you'll not be able to sign into Windows Live Messenger and you'll get an option to upgrade to Skype which will automatically uninstall existing Windows Live Messenger from your system.

The a MSN Team has just donated 2500$ to the EFF and we are glad to help them in their fight.

We encourage everyone to help this cause, since we are all benefiting from their hard work and maybe it’s time for us, as Internet consumers, to give back to them.

That last update is slated to take place no earlier than April 30, but after that there’s no option to fight the change.

For what it’s worth, Skype is working to make this whole rigmarole as pain-free as possible — they’ll be pre-streaming the client data to the user, so the upgrade will be already on the machine when the notification arrives. Should you be reading this from China, you can rest easy (or not, as the case may be) knowing that the news doesn’t apply to you, and perhaps more importantly, this move only applies to desktop-based Windows Live Messenger users.

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