Tessa virtue and scott moir dating jessica dube dating on and off meaning

Anonymous asked: How about Tobin does a shoot of both Tessa and Scott? And eye candy for us (even if he's a shit photographer, T&S together would be awesome) However I feel Scott wouldn't sign up for it.

Or at least not for public release, who knows, maybe he's done some personal shoots already lol It would be but my guess is that whatever contract he has, doesn’t include Scott.

(I'll look up the correct anecdote later - is it Churchill, is it Oscar Wilde, or is it George Benard Shaw? ) So IOW, Scott and Cassandra aren't being discreet. IOW before he's even left he's selling out his own skaters to enhance his standing with his future colleagues?

So let's look at Cassandra's latest profile picture:  There ya go, Toddler Moir. Maybe that's a secondary meaning of those Ilderton Skating Club sweatshirts. It makes you wonder where the limits actually were and are. Just looking at those Jessica photos I wonder where the lines really are. Would Scott go so far as to make his and Tessa's lies TRUE just so Moirville could be right? I wonder if SC is behind W&P's past year's re-assertion of being platonic.

What happened to the good old days, when Scott was merely planning to marry, compete in the Olympics with, and then procreate with, Tessa Virtue, instead of now, when he's married to and raising a child with her (and her mother - shades of G&G). These photos are less than two years prior to Toddler Moir's birth and less than six months prior to Scott's wedding to Tessa. - Looking at the past two Canadian championships, it's obvious Skate Canada threw VM under the bus.

Toddler Moir wasn't yet with us, but was, at the least, most definitely a twinkle in soon-to-be Daddy's eye.

I think the baby "rumor" has now made it onto twitter as often as the David Pelletier rumor did when that was flying. Most online fans, even super fans - especially super fans - believe Scott and Tessa are platonic - at least that's what fans say publicly.

If Scott and Cassandra wanted a "private relationship" Cassandra wouldn't put him on as her profile pic, and she wouldn't be on twitter and neither would Charlie and his wife. Absolutely nothing is as important to them as maintaining control of this story and being right, and maintaining the power position, even though they are, you know, . Would they be pissed if they'd scammed some other entity and got push back? Benoit Lavoie - he's made no secret of his plan to work with the ISU after leaving the presidency.

You know the old bit about Winston Churchill (think it was him) telling some lady "we're just negotiating price" when she was offended at being thought a lady pro, but had no problem hooking up for a million or so. They've lied, they've fucked fans over, they've run a scam and a hoax, and they continue to be mightily pissed fans are uppity enough to push back. I wonder if he's stocked SC with empty suits like Wilkes and Thompson (Dan), so SC will have nobody with the weight and savvy to challenge what the ISU is doing with DW vis a vis VM?

Look at Shannon Woodhouse's follow-up: Look at that follow up.

Even "good friends" is a lot to see when you're watching from another table. Imagine you work in an institution and at the next table is someone else who works there, dining with her well-known son, her husband and a guest.

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