James and oliver phelps dating

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Rowling’s latest release in the Harry Potter franchise, Potterheads everywhere are losing their minds.

Even though Rowling said that “Cursed Child” will not be turned into a movie, hence why it was written as a play, we’ve got “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” coming soon to satisfy our wizarding world needs.

Imagine how much mayhem he could cause as a poltergeist. In , Nearly Headless Nick explains that the people who come back as ghosts are those that are afraid of death.

“It’s alright, yes they are gone but they are in a better place.

” before I have time to answer he pulls me into a passionate kiss. ” after we get the bodies together and schedule funerals me and George apperate back to the flat above the store we patch each other up and get into pajamas and lay in bed in each other’s arms. ” “I wouldn’t dream of it” you kiss him before you both drift asleep hoping to wake up and all this be a nightmare.

I throw another spell at a death eater and he flys back hitting the wall with a sickening CRACK. Suddenly a spell hits me and I fly back as well groaning.

Things are getting blurry as someone- George- runs over to me. I got you.” He lifts me off the ground and starts running to the great hall.

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