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NBC 6 is airing a story about Caribbean Cruise Line alleging that the company routinely offers essentially "free" cruises via unsolicited phone calls or vouchers in the mail, and deceives the public by not disclosing hidden fees.

It also claims that businessmen behind the scenes at the travel company have been in trouble for deceiving customers before.

Sometimes it is shipped from many states away or even other countries.

The only way to ensure the freshness of the fruits and vegetables you purchase is to buy them from a local grower at a farmers market.

Atlanta fared relatively well-– with average wait times only half as long as New York or San Francisco.

The study is just a reminder that Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry trusted traveler program (0/5 years) – which lets participants process themselves at a kiosk and bypass Customs agents — is really worth the investment. airports and 13 overseas Preclearance stations, covering more than 99 percent of inbound travelers, CBP said.

The group found that the average waiting time for international arrivals to make it through Customs was 25.04 minutes at JFK (up 13 percent from a year earlier) and 24.66 minutes at San Francisco.

The federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has been deploying new technology in recent years to help arriving travelers spend less time waiting in line, but the effort faces an uphill battle in the face of increasing passenger numbers.

And a new study finds some airports have a bigger problem than others.

My son who was 7 at the time was really looking forward to meeting Mickey Mouse and was crushed when I told him we couldn't go.

The only good thing was U S Airways let me use the plane tickets for another date.

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