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The Stiller Foundation helps support children around the world by providing educational opportunities to help them realize their full potential.

You’ll get to play a game of dodgeball with the group, take a team photo, and get pizza with Ben if you win the prize.

Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use Bib Me™ and give credit to those who deserve it!

After Ted implores the citizens of Thneedville to change their ways, the town agrees to plant a seed and start anew.

People are expanding, social issues are becoming more and more prevalent in American culture, and we as a country seem to have tackled almost everything publicly except the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality.

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Spain) all Latin Americans do not speak Spanish (like Brazilians) but some people can be classified as both because they speak Spanish and are from a Latin American country (Mexico, Puerto Rico) You can have as many ethnicities as you want because its essentially the culture of where you’re from or culture of specific people where you’re from.

To simply break this down, race, ethnicity, and nationality are not the same things whatsoever. Biracial by technicality is one racial identity made up of 50% one race and 50% the other and multiracial is scattered percentages of different races, but all those percents add up to 100% of your one racial identity) but you can be numerous different nationalities and ethnicities. Who you are as a person and your ethnic background would be your ethnicity. Hispanics/Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States.

The term race is defined as “each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.” or pretty much who you are genetically. In simpler terms Hispanic means someone from a Spanish speaking country and Latino means someone of Latin American descent.

A graven image from the first moments of film, the detective was an archetypal hero from the hard-boiled school seminary of crime stories and early cinema through to present day.

Sometimes referred to as a private eye, a peeper, a gumshoe, shamus, dick or a sleuth, and usually an embodiment of über male machismo, detective films, while often times two-fisted, aren’t necessarily specific to any one genre, though traditionally noir is their seedy domain.

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