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Flowers are very sweet, but I think waiting till the second or third date is probably more sensable. Flowers are a nice gesture and generally appreciated by a woman, but I would much rather get them a few dates down the road. I know if i were to receive flowers on the first date i would be a very happy lil' lady.

Maybe if you have talked alot and you really like the person so far, a flower would do, but lots of flowers is excessive and may put pressure on the person that is unnecessary on a first date. That would tell me that he has seen something he likes in me, rather than just an obligatory gesture.

But did you know there are times when it’s totally appropriate to bring a gift on a first date? There are a number of ways that this can be applied.

The Right Way to Bring a Gift on a First Date Let’s say that you’re out at a bar or club with a girl. You see something that she mentioned loving, you get it for her if it’s cheap.

A fail safe option if you don’t know her favorite flower? While it isn’t as specific as knowing her favorite flower (maybe she doesn’t have one! “Guys generally shy away from roses on first dates because of their perceived significance and value,” Albertelli says.

by a super sweet guy that gave me one single rose... - I had a 1st date give me four candles in these heavy jars and we had to go back out in the humidity and put them in my car because I didn't want to carry them around! Flowers are a complete waste of good money...unless you grew 'em yourself..stole 'em from a neighbor. " To each their own TELL SOMEONE that after getting them is sooooo...mean!

So now you know why you shouldn’t bring flowers on a first date.

In fact, you know a few things — like not being needy — that might help you in other areas of your dating.

(Or, if you’re buying flowers at a stand or market, you can, you know, see for yourself.) For example: Blue delphiniums… Alberetti suggests requesting a garden mix instead, which will be a bouquet of whatever the florist has in season. If you think a big bouquet and chocolates are a little over-the-top, you’re completely right: but that’s why you gotta own it.

If you’re doing this without the aid of a florist, tulips are usually a safe bet, as they’re always in season. You’re so sorry you’re resorting to to let her know–you’ll leave no stone unturned!

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